Stuck in a Rut or a Funk? It’s Time to Reboot

We all have those days, weeks or years even.

You’re stuck in a rut, or a funk that you just can’t escape from.

Maybe you feel like you have no energy, or so overwhelmed by the tasks ahead that you do nothing instead.

Or maybe you feel like you have lost your mojo.

I for one, have just come off an incredibly busy few months of refining my online marketing course and my small business resource site, where I set myself some very ambitious targets.

The great news is that I completed all the tasks I needed to do, but now I have fallen flat.

I know there is a bunch of things I should be doing now, but I feel a little deflated and the fuel tank is empty.

It’s time to reboot.

Like when your computer is running a little slowly or not performing as it should, there are times we need to reboot.

Unfortunately it’s not as easy as pressing an on-off button, or clicking ‘refresh’.

I’m not an expert in this rebooting stuff but here’s a few things I’m going to do this week.

  • Get some rest
  • Take it easy on myself – what really needs to be done, and what can wait?
  • Get some exercise and make some diet changes
  • Revisit my goals and work plan
  • Take some time out and enjoy myself
  • Reconnect with family and friends
  • Congratulate myself and celebrate what I have achieved so far
  • Remind myself that I am on the right track and will start moving again after a short rest stop
  • Put a deadline to the rest stop.

So Ciao for now…I’m going offline to reboot.

‘Reboot’ is today’s word out of the jar. Read more about my Out of the Jar project here.  

Kylie Fennell
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