Thanks for your interest in joining my Launch Team.

My Launch Team members can access free Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of my books, as well as other exclusive content. You can join my Launch Team for free here, and then I will be in touch to offer you any available ARCs. You will also receive a free copy of my speculative fiction short story collection, Seeds from the Story Tree – exclusively available to my Launch Team members and subscribers.

Reviews are incredibly important to the success of any books as they help new readers get a feel for whether they may like a book before committing to buy it. Without reviews, it is VERY hard to attract new readers and for them to find those books in the first place (since platforms like Amazon make reviewed books more visible).

So you – my Launch Team members and ARC readers – play a critical role in every book launch!

ARCs Currently Available

Becoming an ARC Reader – The Details

  • Launch Team members will be emailed leading up to a new book release offering them an ARC copy (around 3-4+ weeks before the release date)
  • A link will be provided to ARC readers to download a digital copy of the book for their OWN PERSONAL USE
  • You don’t need a special device to access your ARC. Different formats will be available to download as well as instructions.
  • ARC readers receive a free book in the hope you will provide a review on Amazon, Goodreads, social media or on a blog. Amazon and Goodreads are particularly important for putting my book in front of the right people.
  • Anyone is able to provide reviews on the above platforms. It’s simple and free to do, even if you’ve never done it before. I will provide details to assist all ARC readers.
  • Reviews do NOT need to be lengthy – 1-2 sentences usually suffice.
  • Reviews will be due on the week of the book’s launch, and you will receive email reminders when the book is ready to be reviewed.
  • ARCs will be limited to a certain number and will be available on a first come first serve basis. If you won’t have time to read and review the book by the release date please don’t ask for/accept an ARC.
  • You do NOT have to accept every ARC you are offered but those who do regularly provide reviews will be prioritised for future offers.

Want to know what books/ARCs are coming up?

Below is my tentative publication schedule. I usually look for ARC readers 1-2 months before the book’s release date. All ARCs are provided in digital format.

  • Dec 2022 – The Earth King’s Heir – A Prequel – The Kyprian Prophecy Book 0 (YA epic fantasy adventure series)
  • 2023 – The Ward: A Fae of the Crystal Palace Novel – a new gaslamp YA fantasy series with fae, Sherlock Holmes and Bridgerton vibes! Stay in the know by joining my Launch Team.

Join my Launch Team for free here! You may also be interested in joining my Reader Facebook Group – Spellbound Readers.