World Domination for Small Businesses and Authors

Enough of thinking like a small BUSINESS, think like BIG BUSINESS. Better still aim for WORLD DOMINATION with these tips.

Know what you want

What is your goal? World domination is great, but specifically why do you want to be wildly successful? What will it bring you and what kind of business will help you achieve your goal? What will make you happy?


Have a plan

Set out the steps to achieve your goal and then break them down into bitesize more achievable chunks. Monitor and evaluate your plan as you go, and tweak it as needed. Plans change over time and you may have to as well.

What are they doing over there?

Keep your eyes focused on your chosen industry and environment. Check out competitors and businesses you admire that may not even be in your field. What do they do badly that you want to avoid? What do they do well that you could adapt and use yourself (with your own spin on it).

Don’t give up

Entrepreneur Justin Kan explains why you should never give up in this Forbes article:
“Startups don’t die, they commit suicide. In other words, 90 percent of startups fail because the founders get bored, discouraged, or something else, and they move on to other things, not because of some catastrophe. No matter how dark it is today, things will always be better tomorrow.”

Know your brand and be authentic

Know your story and what makes you unique. Don’t ever try to be someone or something else. Be the most awesome version of yourself and remain authentic. Surround yourself with awesome people that understand and live your brand.

World domination can mean anything

Being wildly successful doesn’t necessarily mean rapid expansion for everyone. Remember your goal and brand and plan only for that. Don’t feel like you have to expand your business in ways that won’t meet your goals. Your world, doesn’t have to be the WHOLE world.

And finally, Just Do It! What are you waiting for, go forth and conquer.

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