5 Ways to Nail Your Content

Online and social media content continues to be a major challenge for small business marketing.

The biggest obstacles are lack of time and expertise – not knowing what makes good content, so here are my 5 top tips for nailing your content.

1. Identify and subscribe to great content

Take the time to do a bit of research online of what content is popular or routinely shared on social media. You can get a feel for this by looking at your own social media accounts and people who like your pages. What content and pages do they like? Go and like or follow the same pages or accounts and then you will have similar content come straight into your feed, which you can share later on.

You can also google key topics and find popular blogs or news sites and then subscribe to them. You can also use the free versions of tools like to search for the most shared content.

You can try that allows you to search for and subscribe to popular blogs and sites from one dashboard and will send you an update email of any new posts.

2. Look outside of the box

Be prepared to consider content outside of your immediate subject area. Content is useful if it’s of interest to your ideal customers and target market. If you run a childcare business, your customers are likely to mums, so think about what kind of content interests mums. Your content doesn’t just have to be about childcare.

Below is a table showing the four elements that makes content go viral. Consider these when selecting your content.


3. Schedule!

Schedule has two meanings. You should schedule yourself up to 1 hour a week to sit down to select your proactive social media content and then you schedule it in a free tool such as or where you can post your content in advance for usually up to 5 social media accounts all from the one place.

4. Mix it up

Choose a variety of content. Some designed to entertain, some designed to inform, some to reward.

Use images, videos as well as informative longer content pieces (or link to these).

5. Monitor and evaluate

Always check your analytics such as those built-in to Facebook or those offered by hootsuite or buffer.

What posts are most popular? What time of day is best to post for your audience? Who are you reaching?

Check out this post to find out more on how to write brilliant social media content. For expert marketing advice go to


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