The Biggest Content Marketing Mistake You Need to Avoid

There’s one big mistake many content marketers are making, and it’s potentially costing brands dearly.

It turns out marketers and writers everywhere are doing themselves, and their content, a disservice by letting good content go to waste.

The number one culprit is creating content with a short shelf life, or content that becomes out-of-date quickly.

There is a simple solution though. It’s making your content evergreen.

Creating evergreen, or timeless content, means content remains relevant and valuable to your target audience indefinitely.

It also can save you time, because it gives you a depository or content you can promote more than once and repeat on social media.

The Content Marketing Gift that Keeps Giving

Evergreen content can bring you lots of long-term marketing love.

When done well, evergreen content can generate engagement, traffic and leads for days, weeks, months, and even years to come – ­­­especially if it’s promoted on more than one occasion.

In fact, Hubspot research showed 76% of its blog views, and a whopping 92% of leads, came from “old” or evergreen posts.

A slight tweak to your content can easily transform it from being a one-hit wonder to forever young, and help you reap similar long-term benefits.

What is Evergreen Content?

An evergreen article is content that isn’t likely to date. It will stand the test of time.

For example, ‘How to Choose the Best Haircut for You’ would be more evergreen than ‘The Top Hair Trends This Season’.

While it’s important for some industries or businesses to demonstrate you understand and can comment on the latest trends, you should aim to mix up your content with evergreen articles as well.

Where possible try not to reference specific dates or years in your content, or facts or statistics that are likely to date quickly. 

What Next?

You should go through your existing content and identify what is evergreen or could easily be tweaked to become evergreen.

Then create a repeating schedule for promoting the content on social media and other marketing channels such as e-newsletters.

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