The cheapest and most effective way to get more customers

Almost every business I’ve come across has one goal when it comes to marketing – get more customers.

Businesses may spend their marketing dollars on advertising, updating a website or brochures, all with varying results.

The reality is that the cheapest and most effective way to get more customers is often overlooked.

What I’m talking about is word-of-mouth marketing, specifically referrals.

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.

So why aren’t more businesses tapping into their existing or past customer network or spending more time nurturing key influencers and decision makers?

Word-of-mouth is the ultimate weapon for all businesses – retail, professional services, it doesn’t matter.

Here are my top tips for nurturing your clients, customers and influencers and encouraging referrals.

  1. Your number 1 communication platform for word-of-mouth marketing is social media.
  2. Reward people – offer loyalty programs, value adding services and referral incentives
  3. Ask for feedback
  4. Ask for case studies or testimonials
  5. Stay in touch – try and stay front of mind by providing useful information or organise casual catch-ups
  6. Use personalised notes, cards and calls as well as thank you notes and even birthday cards (if they happily provided their birthday details) – preferably handwritten and signed personally.
  7. DOING WHAT YOU’LL SAY YOU’LL DO is probably the best way to nurture your customers
  8. NEVER underestimate the importance and effectiveness of nurturing your existing networks.
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