My Imaginary Screenplay Playlist

When I write, I always try to visualise each scene and character as if they were in a film.

It’s incredibly important for me to be able to ‘see’ it as if it was really happening.

It may also reveal my secret ambition; that my books will be so damn good, they’ll become movies.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big right?

Now if you have an imaginary screenplay, you also need an imaginary soundtrack.

With all seriousness, when I need a little inspiration for writing I turn to a playlist that resonates with my story or characters.

So here are my top 5 picks from my imaginary soundtrack playlist.

1. Game of Thrones Theme (Cello Cover) by Break of Reality 

My book is set in a medieval period reminiscent of Game of Thrones and this version is incredibly moody and emotive. Love it.

2. Tusk by Fleetwood Mac

I’m a bit of a sucker for Stevie Nicks and her rawness, and this song features an animalistic drum beat that sets the pace for a great story.

3. I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons

I love the tone of these guys’ voices, the folk style instruments and the storytelling in their lyrics.

4. Find the Southern Land by Simply Bushed

These guys are an Australian bush band and this song tells the story of the search for the land Down Under. I love the historical aspect but also the sea shanty style fiddle.

5. Big, Big Love by Troy Cassar-Daley

When it comes to storytelling and just a genuinely beautiful spirit you can’t go past Troy. An amazing songwriter, performer and great bloke – he also hails from my home town of Grafton, so yes I’m biased but also super proud of this Little Eagle.

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