Escape. Just do it.

We all need to escape sometimes…no…not sometimes…we all need to escape on a regular basis.

Escape means to break free from confinement or control – these are the Great Escapes – the big ones where you make a conscious decision to move away from something negative in your life.

Escape also means temporary distraction from reality or routine. The smaller escapes. The holidays, the leaving your desk to go for a walk, going out for lunch, watching junk TV shows, yoga, read a good book…whatever gives you a break from the usual life and work stuff.

Both escapes are important, but we’re not always good at them.

We put off the little escapes with excuses like: ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I should be doing something else’. We may lay the guilt on ourselves for ‘treating’ ourselves with an escape, but it’s not a treat.

Big and little escapes are a necessity. They help us recharge our batteries or get away from toxic situations – escaping is being kind to ourselves.

Today I will escape to my yoga class and later in the week I’m looking forward to a few nights away with hubby…thanks Granny for stepping in to make this happen, because sometimes you needs to escape.

Also though, I will put some thought into what bigger escapes I need to plan. Are there any situations that are confining or controlling my enjoyment of life or my ability to reach my goals? I know the answer to this and it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to escape.

‘Escape’ is today’s word out of the jar. Read more about my Out of the Jar project here.

Kylie Fennell
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