Trust. What exactly does ‘trust the process’ mean?

Usually when I speak about trust, I speak in business terms. I talk about the value of building trust with your stakeholders and customers before asking for anything from them.

Today though I want to focus on trusting yourself and your work.

Editing my book has been a rollercoaster of a process.

Some days I’m really happy with my progress and the words before me, on the other days I have massive crises of faith.

I ask/say to myself:

‘Who wrote this rot?’

‘Well this clearly doesn’t work.’

‘How am I going to fix this?’

‘No one will ever want to read this.’

Today won’t be one of those days…I am determined to maintain the faith.

Today happens to be the day I set aside each week to devote to my editing and I’ve been looking forward to it, while dreading it at the same time.

I have a very difficult chapter to fix…no let’s say revise. It’s the first chapter and it’s not quite right, but it will be.

I have to trust myself and my abilities, I have to trust the process.

What exactly does that mean though? Trust the process?

Whether I’m editing my book or going through a business or personal journey (I nice way of saying dealing with crap and doubt), I like to think trusting the process is believing that it will all work out somehow.

Believing, working hard, doing your best, believing more and trusting that the universe will provide when you’re ready.

Trusting the process to me, is to follow your intuition and your heart and fully believe you’ve got this, that it will happen…all without facts, knowledge or evidence to confirm your belief.

Believing and trusting without proof and without a fixed timeline…it’s really bloody hard to do that sometimes…but today at least I will let go and trust the process.

‘Trust’ is today’s word out of the jar. Read more about my Out of the Jar project here.

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