Why you need to be the most awesome version of yourself

Every time I read something by Seth Godin I become inspired all over again.
Seth is a marketing genius known for his incredibly popular blog and books such as Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.
An associate I work with recently loaned me Seth’s book ‘What to do When it’s Your Turn (and It’s Always Your turn)’. It was remarkable to say the least.
Now I’m not here to give Seth a blatant plug or review his books – though I kind of am and am happy to do so without any recompense – I love the guy! 
I do want to share with you one of the common themes throughout Seth’s work that really resonates with me as a marketer and business owner.
He urges, no implores, business owners to be ‘remarkable’ particularly when it comes to marketing their business.
Business Owners as ‘creators’ need to be worth remarking upon. They need to make the choice to put themselves out there in a big way. They need to embrace the fear and exhilaration that success but also possible failure can bring.
Honestly you need to read his books and blog to appreciate his philosophy fully, but I’d like to take the theme of being remarkable and apply it to what I ask small business to do.
For many small businesses, it’s hard to reconciliate the idea of being remarkable, or having BIG ideas, with what they see themselves – a small business.
But why can’t small business be SMALL business? Why can’t small businesses have BIG ideas and be remarkable?
The answer is of course you can. You can be remarkable!
You can be outstanding, extraordinary, exceptional in what you choose to pursue.
The starting point is creating an authentic brand and positioning story about not just your business, but yourself.
As the creator of your business, you ARE the business.
You might think your business is about selling widgets, but they are YOUR widgets. You’re selling the way YOU sell those widgets, the customer service YOU provide, the feeling people get when they buy from YOU and use YOUR widgets.
The experience of buying widgets should be completely different to the next person’s widgets and you need to let people know HOW you’re different and why they should buy specifically from YOU.
You need to create a story about you and your business. You need to share part of your personal story, be authentic and genuine.
If the best part about buying widgets from you is that you have been collecting widgets since you’re 8-years-old and can tell the difference between the model Y and model Z widget – then tell people about it.
If you left a high paid corporate career and risked everything to pursue your dream of selling widgets – tell people about it.
If you pride yourself on the fact you just love talking to customers one on one about their passion for widgets – you guessed it, you should tell people about it.
You may not think you’re ‘remarkable’ when you compare yourself to the multi-national widget corporations – but you are.
Remember the multi-national widget corporation started out just like you – and how did they get to where they got to – by being extraordinary 
You might think I’m just an ordinary old widget guy, but you’re not. You pursued your dream, you took the leap, you created something that is beyond the usual or ordinary. You are EXTRAORDINARY.
Being extraordinary isn’t about having the most charisma, or being the loudest, or even having the most money – you can be extraordinary by being yourself, just being the most AWESOME version of yourself.
You are in the business of you, and it’s time you started telling people your story.
I might need widgets, but I don’t want any old widgets. I want to buy from you, the widget guy or gal, who makes me feel great about my purchase.
I want to feel like I made the right choice buying from you, because you are extraordinary – not the usual widget experience.
Now the choice is over to you, are you ready to embrace your awesomeness and be EXTRAORDINARY?
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