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What I’m Reading: The Emporium of Imagination by Tabitha Bird

I’m finally getting around to sharing more of my recent reads – another sublime book from Tabitha Bird.

I had big expectations after reading the beautifully crafted “A Lifetime of Impossible Days” and was delighted that “The Emporium of Imagination” was equally good or perhaps better. 

I’m in awe of Tabitha’s ability to bring magic, wonder and heart-warming characters to life in the humble country Queensland town of Boonah. She expertly weaves the fantastic with themes of grief and loss, while somehow still offering hope.

There are so many things to love about this book but my favourite part above all is ten-year-old Enoch, and his brothers, who are mourning the loss of their father. Seeing the world through their eyes and the many different types of “hugs” makes their grief heart-breakingly real, while offering a light and endearing touch. You will laugh, you will cry and you will do it all over again – but it’s 100% worth it. 

About the Book

Welcome to The Emporium of Imagination, a most unusual shop that travels the world offering vintage gifts to repair broken dreams and extraordinary phones to contact lost loved ones.

But, on arrival in the tiny township of Boonah, the store’s long-time custodian, Earlatidge Hubert Umbray, makes a shocking realisation. He is dying…

The clock is now ticking to find his replacement, because the people of Boonah are clearly in need of some restorative magic.

The Emporium of Imagination is published by Penguin Books. Get the book from Amazon or Booktopia today.

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