Time to Reconnect

Connection to people and the world around us is something you need to work at. Something you need to make a continual effort to do.

You can’t sit back and wait for connections to happen. You have to play your part.

Make an effort to speak to people. Take a chance and speak to a stranger.

You never know what you may discover.

Just as importantly, take the time to reconnect to people and things important to you.

Reach out and say ‘Hi’ for no reason. Organise a catch-up.

Today I’m heading off for a few days with hubby, sans-children. What a treat! What an opportunity to re-connect.

I also just signed up for a course with Queensland Writers Centre that will enable me to re-connect with this amazing community of writers and re-connect with my novel, which has been a little neglected.

And as we head into Christmas, I have some great catch-ups with family and friends that will keep me energised and reconnected.

Yes, It’s time to reconnect.

‘Reconnect’ is today’s word out of the jar. Read more about my Out of the Jar project here.

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Kylie Fennell
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