Nailing your communication touchpoints for a sale ­– “Easy” as pie marketing advice

Once you have a marketing strategy and goals in place, one of the hardest things to do is decide what marketing or communication tactic to use.
There are so many ways to connect with your target audience, and it’s a matter of deciding which way will be most effective. You also need to be aware of what’s possible within your current budget and resources.
Additionally it’s important to keep in mind, when communicating with potential customers, that it may take several different points of contacts (touchpoints) before they take the step of buying from you.
Industry experts will give you varying numbers of how many points of contact, or touchpoints, it takes to make a sale.
Experts such as Dr Jeffrey Lant in his ‘Rule of Seven’ states that you must contact your buyers a minimum of seven times in an 18-month period for them to remember you. Other experts have also cited seven as the number of times you have to contact someone and ask for a sale before you get a “yes”. You can read more on that here.
What all experts agree on is that there is no definitive figure, and that the number of touchpoints will differ and fluctuate across industries, organisations and target markets. 
They also agree that in today’s world when we are overloaded with advertising and messages, the number of touchpoints may need to be higher and more varied.
If you want to cut through to your target audience, whether you want a sale or to engage your staff, you need to pick the right communication tool and use several different tactics.
My infographic provides an ‘Easy as pie’ guide on how to choose the best marketing or communication tactic for your target audience.
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PS You will notice this infographic is food inspired. This won’t come as a surprise for those people who know me, and how much I love cooking and pies. Regardless, I hope all of you find your marketing ‘easy as pie’ with this guide. 

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