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How to make money out of the stuff in your head

These days you can find anything you need to know on the internet – though sometimes it’s hard to sift through the good, the bad and the ugly.
My point is that in an information rich society, marketers and businesses need to keep up – that is, they have to meet the demand for information.
Your potential customers want to know everything about your products or services, their features, their benefits, and useful tips they can use, all before they’ve handed over a cent.
You can resist all you like but to maintain a competitive edge and convince people to buy from you need to provide valuable content first.
More than value, you should be prepared to give away your ‘secret sauce’ recipe (up to a certain point).
In one of my previous posts I explained how giving away useful and free content is like the customer tasting a wine sample before buying a whole bottle. You are not giving away the whole bottle, just a sample to entice potential prospects.

It’s important to realise that future prospects are not necessarily your current customers. They may not even be in the market for your products or services at this point in time. What they are looking for is some easy-to-find, relevant information to solve their immediate problem. When they are ready to buy hopefully they’ll come to you – because you were so helpful.
Many businesses these days have taken this thirst for information a step further. They’ve realised we’re in a knowledge economy and leveraged this by selling the stuff they have in their head.
For example, a make-up artist may have been limited in income by the number of individual clients they could see – but then they started providing make-up tutorial videos for free on their website and even a Youtube channel.
All of a sudden they have even more clients. Then it builds to a point where she uses the free tutorials as a teaser for a whole online course she is offering, which she can sell and deliver to thousands of people simultaneously. 

Do you have stuff in your head you could sell?

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