The Writer’s ‘Real Job’ Dilemma

This is bad! I mean really bad.

My day job – you know the one that almost pays the bills – is so ridiculously busy at the moment that not only haven’t I got time to do any writing, I don’t have time to write a proper blog post either.

I wonder at what point you should bite the bullet and ‘write’ full time?

Actually I know the answer to that question. It starts with at least finishing the book, which brings me to my dilemma.

So yes I’d like to write my fictional work full-time, but in the meantime I need a ‘real’ job, but hang on if I have a real job, how do I find the time to write, and if I don’t get time to write and finish this darn book how can I justify writing full-time…a Catch 22 that has plagued aspiring writers through the ages.

Don’t mind me, just having a whingefest and trying to madly pad out this blog post – I keep looking at the clock – must get school lunch, uniform, bag packed, child ready for school and then go to real job!!!

Arghh…maybe I’ll have time to write next week…every aspiring writer said.

Seriously though…you need to brace yourself because that book is on it’s way, real job, school lunches or not. I promise!

Kylie Fennell
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