My top 15 excuses for not finishing my novel yet

This week a friend of mine told me his novel will be finished by the end of the year.

He has a full-time job and three kids, but he has been super disciplined and through sheer determination and hard work…he will have finished.
I’m really proud of him but…it just reminded me how terribly far I have to go.
I have been analysing all the reasons why I still haven’t finished.
It’s been probably 7 years since I started my two novels.
Each of them is around 100,000 words – so I guess I should congratulate myself for getting that far – and now I am at the revising stage.
The revising stage is WAY before the editing stage.
It’s when you go back over things you wrote, maybe 7 years ago, and say “what was I thinking, that is complete crap!” or “maybe I should just completely change that character or plot line”…great idea, I’ll just go back to the start again.
To be honest, I’m not really sure why I have been dragging it out this long, but after some analysis I can tell you here are my top excuses.
1. I hate the revising stage
2. I really should be working instead
3. Oooo Dr Phil/Gogglebox/Masterchef is on the TV
4. I really should be playing lego with my son
5. It’s too late tonight – I’m tired
6. It’s too early to get up – I’m tired.
7. I’m too busy trying to get my business up and running
8. I might just have a ‘quick’ look at Pinterest
9. My writing is crap
10. Maybe I should do some more research
11. I need to clean the house
12. I’ll just take a little break for lunch
13. ‘You have mail’ pop-up
14. I’ll do it tomorrow
And here’s my favourite one.
15. I need to write my blog post (about why I’m not writing) first.
Anyway, I’ve got to run, as I am definitely going to work on the book today…hey look a bright shiny object!
So what are your favourite excuses?
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***Update. The first three novels are completed and just in various stages of editing. Just need a publisher now : ) And keep on writing, right ***
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