Two broken hearts

Made for Each Other – Flash Fiction

‘It’s over.’  

It felt good saying it out loud and finally putting an end to the torture. At the same time I know it probably comes as a shock to you.  

‘Don’t get me wrong, we had a great run.’ It wasn’t a lie. We have shared so much together. We travelled the world. We had some serious adventures.  

‘Do you remember that night in Times Square?’ I’m blushing just thinking about it. ‘And damn, we looked hot together.’ 

‘I’ll treasure our time together…forever,’ the words catch in my throat. 

What about you? I wonder how you’re feeling. I barely resist the urge to reach out and touch you. I can’t tell from your lack of response whether you’re hurting as much as I am. I want to fill the void. I have to explain but I need to look away as I speak. 

‘Can I tell you a secret?’ I don’t wait for an answer. ‘I never believed in true love or soulmates…until I met you.’ The whispered words are only for you. Words etched with longing and treasured memories. ‘We met exactly when we needed to. We transformed each other. Call it serendipity, destiny, fate…’ my voice trails off, the nostalgic moment evaporates as I return to the harsh reality of saying goodbye to you and my old life.  

I force myself to look at you again and steady my nerves. I remind myself of all the pain you caused me. Back then it didn’t seem to hurt as much, we were so young, but our time together now is agonising. I ache for weeks on end. It’s not worth it anymore. I have run out of tears. 

You remain unresponsive, so I ramble on, intent on justifying my position.  

‘We’re just no good for each other…at least not anymore. After two kids, I’m different. Even if I wanted to go clubbing like we used to, I couldn’t make it past 10pm.’ I switch to humour. ‘These days my idea of a great night is binge-watching old Veronica Mars episodes.’ My laugh sounds strained and hollow.  

You’ve never been one for words but your silence now is maddening. ‘Have you got anything to say?’ It seems you don’t. You just stand there looking as gorgeous as the day we met. My heart lurches. Am I ready to throw it all away? I take three deep breaths. Three…I can do this…two…I have to stay strong…one. 

‘There’s no longer a place for you in my life. And it’s selfish for me to hold onto you. 

It’s really over.’  

I’m torn between relief and heartbreak. I wonder what the appropriate way is to say goodbye for the last time. I extend my arms awkwardly and offer a hug. You don’t object.   

I take you in my arms for one final embrace and realise that I can never let you go.  

My Jimmy Choo four and a half inch heels and I were made for each other. 

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Photo by Monstera from Pexels

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