I’m a highly experienced blog article and content writer as well as a Fellow Certified Practising Marketer (Australian Marketing Institute).

I have 25 years of experience working as a professional print journalist, marketer and corporate writer and editor.

I pride myself on an exceptional ability to understand complex subjects and transform language into engaging and targeted content.

You can read more about me in my writing CV below or contact me now!

You will also find blog article pricing and FAQs below.

Blog Content Pricing

Blog writing FAQs

Why do I need blog articles?

There are many benefits for businesses using blogs or publishing online articles these include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – blog content can feature keywords you want to be found for in Google results and also provides new content for search engines to find – typically search engines prioritise newer content over older content.
  • Social media exposure – every time you publish blog content, you are creating opportunities and fodder that you and other people can share on social networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • More traffic means potentially more leads – thanks to the above benefits, businesses can experience increased traffic to their website, and increased traffic, potentially means more leads.
  • It establishes your authority – you can build trust and credibility by providing valuable, consistent and authentic content.
  • It can help overcome fears and barriers – blog posts and articles are a great way of pre-empting a prospect’s objections and proactively dealing with them. The questions they may ask or your FAQs, form the topic of a blog article.
  • Long-term exposure – once your blog post or article is published online, it will be out there indefinitely – potentially sending you lots of long-term love. Unlike many traditional types of media, online articles and blog posts can continue to generate traffic and leads for days, weeks, months, and even years to come.

Why hire me?

Like any profession, the quality of a writer depends on the individual’s qualifications, experience and natural aptitude.

I pride myself on writing high quality and targeted content.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Media Production and Public Relations, and have more than 20 years of media and corporate writing experience, working for a range of organisations and sectors.

I’m also a practising and certified content marketer, so my focus is on not only on developing high quality content, but ensuring it meets a clear marketing objective.

Understandably my rates are higher than say a university student, but the overall result is also likely to be greater and I get the job done effectively and efficiently.

You can see samples of my writing at my client portfolio here and my own blog writing at here. My Recent Work can also be found here.

What’s involved in developing blog content?

You may wish to identify blog topic ideas, or I can research and generate ideas for you.

You may wish to provide background information or bullet points for content, or you may prefer me to source relevant content.

I am also able to undertake my own research to develop content.

It is completely up to you and makes no difference to the cost.

I can also source relevant royalty-free images that you can use with your article at no charge.

A draft article will be sent to you for review to identify any changes or to approve – the majority of the time my clients are thrilled with my work and approve the content unchanged, otherwise they only have minor changes.

So on the most part you only need to invest a small amount of time to approve ideas and review draft content.

How much does it cost?

My blog and content writing rates are as follows:

  • Write one blog article or content page (minimum of 500 words) – $275*

Optional addons:

  • Post to your website, blog or LinkedIn Pulse – $25
  • Develop 3 unique social media posts to promote your article – $25
  • Schedule your social media posts – $25.


Book 3 articles – and only pay a total of $795!

Add on just $150 and you will receive full-service (all three of the add-ons described above) for all three of your articles!

When it comes to frequency, this is completely up to the client.

Generally I recommend no less than one blog article a month and no more than one a week.

Most of my clients choose to blog once a month or once a fortnight.

My approach

I don’t throw any old content together or use copy-generating-bots (like some of my competitors). I am fastidious about my research and give great care to making the content unique.

While I stipulate a minimum of 500 words (unless the client specifically requests a different amount) I don’t “count” words.

What this means is that you’ll never get less than promised, but more often than not you will get more.

I write what a topic is worth, or what it takes to be engaging – that is, I don’t skimp on necessary detail but I won’t deliberately pad out content.

You won’t be charged any extra for additional research, SEO keyword inclusion or extra words beyond what was agreed on.

*This includes one round of client changes and content is based on an email or brief phone consultation with the client. Highly specialised or technical content or reviewing of extensive background material may incur additional charges but only if agreed with the client prior to work commencing. The quoted price doesn’t include conducting interviews, but can include an email Q&A to source expert content. All content and liaison must be in English. Dollar amounts shown are in AUD and exclusive of GST if applicable.

What about cheaper blogging options?

You may have come across blog writers who charge $15 or even less for an article.

If cheap is your main objective, then by all means you should hire one of those writers.

I do subscribe though to the belief that you get what you pay for. That is you pay peanuts, you get…well you know where I’m heading with that one.

Sure I may be able get a coffee from 7 Eleven for $1, while the nice cafe up the road may charge closer to $5. But I also know which one I prefer when it comes to taste and quality.

Higher quality often comes with a higher price tag.

That being said, no one wants to be ripped off, so if you’re after quality shop around and compare samples of writing.

Sometimes the untrained eye doesn’t recognise the difference between not so good and good writing until it sees both.

You may wish to take a look at some samples of my written work as a point of comparison. You can see samples of my writing at my client portfolio here and my own blog writing at here. My Recent Work can also be found here.

Some business owners are understandably concerned that no one knows their organisation and voice as well as themselves.

However it’s worth noting that a good writer should be able to quickly get to know your business and objectives, as well as your style.

They should be able to translate your messaging into everyday and persuasive language, as well as capture your voice.

This is what I’ve been trained to do – it’s a skill honed through my experience as a journalist for a daily newspaper and 20+ years writing for various industries.

Just like a mechanic is capable of working on many different makes and models of cars, I use my research and information gathering skills to grasp the nuances of any business and its industry.

That being said, I do have direct experience writing across many niches including legal writing, small business, hair and beauty, property, marketing, retail, food, construction, infrastructure, mining and much more.

Also I’m a naturally curious creature by heart so I like to fully research a subject and don’t charge extra for it.

If I don’t have extensive knowledge on a specific topic, I will make every effort to get that knowledge, and stay informed of evolving industry trends. I will also defer to you as the expert.

You can see samples of my writing at my client portfolio here and my own blog writing at here. My Recent Work can also be found here.

Like any marketing activity, good blog articles should have a clear purpose and be written with a specific result in mind.

An article written by a good writer is clear and concise. It will have a clear objective, target audience and most likely a call-to-action.

A good writer will understand how a blog article fits into an organisation’s overall marketing strategy and online activities, and has a practical understanding of SEO.

You should be aware though that blog articles can vary significantly in terms of quality and results.

I’ve seen many instances of content that has clearly been copied and pasted from various sources with just a couple of minor tweaks – severely lacking in originality and clarity.

The writer met the brief of: ‘produce a 500 word blog article on X subject’, and was paid accordingly. Yet no thought was given to the overall marketing purpose of the content.

The obvious consequence of cheap and poorly written content is that it doesn’t generate any positive results.

In fact poorly written content can have negative results on an organisation.

For example, if large blocks of content have been taken from other sources, your online search results can be affected negatively. Google may also impose penalties.

And more significantly, poorly written blog articles can cost your business money.

A recent study found that poor writing was costing American businesses US $400 billion every year.

In the same study, marketing materials were named as one of the worst offenders with the biggest issues including lack of clarity, overuse of jargon and poor structure.

The $400 billion price tag was mainly due to the time wasted correcting and trying to interpret poor writing.

Now imagine the additional costs poor writing could have on lost sales and leads, as well as negative impacts on reputation.

Poorly written blog articles that cost less now, can clearly cost your business more in the long run.

Blog articles should never cost you sales or other results.

A hairdressing friend asked me recently, ‘Why can’t I just write my own blog articles?’. I replied ‘You can, but let me ask you this. Why can’t I cut and colour my own hair?’.

By all means, you can write your own content but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

You may be a good writer – in fact I know many business owners who are great at developing content.

But you should consider how much time it would take you to develop the content.

Unless you write content all day every day, it’s likely to take you longer than a paid professional.

Ask yourself whether those hours you spent writing content, are taking you away from other things in your business that require your unique skill-set and knowledge.

If you’re concerned about cost, a better option may be to draft your own blog articles, then engage me to edit the content for you.

This can be a much cheaper alternative that still produces great results.

I will never write for businesses in direct competition with each other.

The only exception would be if both businesses are aware of this, agree to it, and are assured that I won’t share any commercial or other sensitive information with the competitor or any other party.

If I am working (or have an opportunity to work for) a business in the same sector or industry as your business, I will alert you immediately.

I do on occasion work for businesses that may be in the same industry but service different geographical areas or markets. I don’t consider this to present a conflict of interest but I will alert the relevant, existing or prospective clients.

Even if I have written, or currently write for a similar type of business, the content will always be unique to the client.

How does copyright and attribution work?

Your posts or articles can be attributed to your company name, to a specific team member, ‘staff writers’, or can be published without attribution.

Occasionally some clients like to attribute the content to me, especially if they wish to establish third party authority, this is fine as well.

All content I create is written exclusively for you.

Once you have paid for your blog article, you own copyright to it.

Contact me now for high quality blog and article content!