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ARCs Currently Available
The Firemaster’s Legacy – The Kyprian Prophecy Book 1

The Firemaster’s Legacy – The Kyprian Prophecy Book 1

eBook: $2.99

Firesky is the ultimate weapon. It will either obliterate or liberate all of Kypria. One silver-eyed girl has the power to determine their fate – if she dares to question everything she believes in. To be released in August 2021.

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Why Reading Room 808 and ‘808’ in particular?

Firstly and most importantly, I wanted to create something that really celebrated and rewarded reading. And anyone who knows me may have heard me say, if I hadn’t become a journalist and professional writer, I would be a superhero librarian – conquering the Dewey Decimal System by day and saving the world one book at a time by night.

I’ve always loved libraries and am a self-confessed book nerd! So of course I headed to my local library for inspiration when naming this group.

I found it in reference section 808 – the assigned Dewey Decimal System number for Rhetoric & Collections of Literature. There are some great reads in that section about all aspects of the craft of writing and the art of persuasion through words.

So why wouldn’t I want to bring together people who love reading the kind of stuff I write and would want to share that passion with the rest of the world?

If this sounds like you, fill out the form below – go on I dare you!