I’m a fiction writer, working on young adult and fantasy novels with magic, adventure, and romance themes.

My work is influenced by my time living in Japan and Europe and their rich histories.

As an Australian writer of European and Aboriginal (Gumbaynggirr and Bundjalung) descent, I’m also fascinated by culture and identity.

Writing about strong female leads who metaphorically and literally kick butt particularly appeals to me, as does magic…always magic!

If I hadn’t become a journalist and professional writer, I would be a superhero librarian – conquering the Dewey Decimal System by day and saving the world one book at a time by night. Failing that, I’d work in a doughnut shop…mmm…doughnuts. Instead, I put my superpowers to work as a Queensland Writers Centre Tutor and speaker (I recently presented at GenreCon 2019). You can find some samples of my flash fiction here.

My love of reading and writing started in childhood with an addiction to Grimms’ fairy tales and Arthurian legends.

Over more than two decades, I have written across many fields, working as a Newspaper Journalist & Editor, Corporate Writer, Blogger, and Certified Practising Marketer. I currently work as a content marketer and writer, publisher of a small business news and resource site and editor of events magazines.

My creative writing has been recognised via several awards including Queensland Writers Centre Flash Fiction (winner), and Australian Writers Centre Furious Fiction (shortlisted out of 1300 entries), as well as second in GenreCon’s short story competition 2019.

I was also recently shortlisted in The Long Way Home’s short story competition with the story published in their anthology. 

My corporate writing has been recognised via multiple Public Relations Insitute of Australia awards (winner) and Premier’s Awards (finalist).

In my spare time, I immerse myself in fictional worlds, reading everything from YA and fantasy to historical fiction and Jane Austen. 

I’m still recovering from Game of Thrones and am looking for replacement shows I can binge on Netflix.

My guilty pleasures are watching the Princess Bride, the Labyrinth, Star Wars, Friends or Grease for the zillionth time. 

I live in Brisbane with my husband and nine-year-old son. I’m also personal slave to a rescue cat and a hyperactive cavoodle that thinks he’s a human.

I write for young adults, Kidults, the young-at-heart, the fantasy enthusiast and magical realist.

Stories about standing out, standing tall and standing up, all with a sprinkle of magic. 

Want to know more about me and my fiction writing?  Contact me now or connect with me via social media. You can also access a copy of my writing CV here.