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Brand & Marketing Myths Every (Aspiring) Author Needs to Know

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an (aspiring) author in possession of a book (idea) to sell, must be in want of an author brand or platform.”

I’ve taken some liberty with Jane Austen’s words but I’m sure she would have agreed with the sentiment.

Jane Austen lived at a time when books by women were usually published anonymously. I like to think she would have jumped, in a most lady-like manner, at the chance to promote herself as an author.  

Why then do many (aspiring) authors, who want to
get their books out into the world, consider marketing a necessary evil, or
just downright evil?

The answer lies in the undeniable fact that
creating an author brand or platform can at times be frustrating, confusing or
annoying – ‘you mean I actually have to do social media?’.

The good news is that many of the objections or
challenges relating to marketing can be overcome with a little persistence and
the right guidance.

Unfortunately, this does nothing to address the
many misconceptions that continue to plague marketing and stop some writers
from embracing their author brand.

I’m here to restore your faith in marketing by
busting some of the most common myths surrounding author brand and related

Branding is for Businesses
Not Authors

The easiest way to clear this one up is to ask
yourself whether you want to make money from selling your books.

If you answered yes, then you need to treat your
writing as a business, otherwise, it’s a hobby.

Being a professional writer or author entails
all of the regular activities a business owner needs to undertake, marketing
being one of them.

Your author brand is the foundation of all of
your marketing activities, and it is much more than having a beautiful logo and
business cards.

Brand is the experience or feeling you create every time you interact with the world. It is what you say and how you say it – it is how you make people you communicate with feel.

It is about creating a consistent voice for you and your writing that resonates with readers, publishers, agents, and other people important to your success.

I Don’t Need to Worry About
Brand Yet

If you haven’t published a book yet, you may
think it’s okay to wait before developing your author brand.

In fact, the best time to start marketing yourself as an (aspiring) author is now!

The more time you have to build your platform, get followers and refine your messaging, the easier it will be when you are querying agents and publishers, or are ready to launch your book.

I Don’t Like Selling Myself
So I Don’t Like Marketing

Guess what? Most people don’t like ‘selling’
themselves and no one likes being ‘sold’ to.

Fortunately, marketing isn’t about ‘selling’. It is about making meaningful and authentic connections with people who are interested in you and your work.

Connecting with the right people through social
media and other communication channels builds a support network of people who,
when the time comes, won’t just buy or invest in your book, but will do the
‘selling’ for you. They will become your brand fans and ambassadors.

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